Virginia or Florida Conceal Carry Training

"When seconds count, Police help can be minutes away." In other words, YOU alone are responsible for your safety.

This class consists of 4-hours of classroom instruction with 1 hour of Range time or 'live-fire' training at a separate location. Virginia doesn't require a live fire instruction component, however, it is important to be comfortable with marksmanship and handling firearms as well. 

After the class, you will be eligible to apply for either a Virginia or Florida Concealed Firearm Permit. 

All courses are taught by NRA Certified Instructors and Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification Certified Firearms Instructors!


PRICE: $120 (must reserve space in advance)


CLASS DURATION: 4 to 5 Hours (depending on class size)


You must be 21 years of age or older and be legally in the US to take this class and handle firearms! (No exceptions!)

Participants: 10 Students ages 21 and Up

Duration: 4 hours

Ammunition Required: 50 rounds (you can purchase at range)

Required Gear: Pistol, eye protection and ear protection.*

Recommended Gear: Pen and Paper

Skill Prerequisites: N/A

*All equipment, to include handguns, is available for rent at Range.

The conceal carry class was very thorough. I now feel a lot more confident with buying and owning a firearm to protect myself and my family!

John G.

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