Private Firearms Training!

"When seconds count, Police help can be minutes away." In other words, YOU alone are responsible for your safety.

If you want to learn how to CONFIDENTLY buy, use, and carry firearms, you NEED the right training for skills and mindset. Getting a license to carry a concealed firearm will depend on the state you live in and taking the relevant training classes. Many states require you to take a class or course from a licensed firearms instructor. We offer firearms and concealed carry training for experienced or new shooters. 

Our Primary goals with students are Firearms Safety, Marksmanship and Personal Protection/Safety via a conceal carry permit.

All courses are taught by NRA Certified Instructors, Maryland Handgun License Instructor and Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification Certified Firearms Instructors!

Want 1 on 1 Training?

The conceal carry class was very thorough. I now feel a lot more confident with buying and owning a firearm to protect myself and my family!

John G.

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"Confidence comes from Consistency & Competence"

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