NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

The NRA Basics for Pistol Shooting is an 8 hour minimum class that covers a variety of topics that will make you a more well rounded firearms owner. 

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course is designed to meet the basic handgun needs of students regardless of gun ownership status, previous experience or level. This is the perfect course for anyone who want a comprehensive understanding of pistols and their use. 

It's important to come with a positive attitude, willingness to learn and open to being active in class. This class is for people who are both experienced and unexperienced with firearms. 



What Students Will Need:

1. Wear long pants, closed toe shoes and no V-neck shirts, blouses etc.

2. If you bring your own handgun, it must be in good working order. I generally prefer semi-automatic hanguns. Additionally, you will be able to rent a semi-automatic pistol from the range.

3. If you rent a handgun from the range, you must also purchase ammunition from the range. 

4. Bring your own ear & eye protection if you have it. Otherwise, you can rent them at the range. 

PRICE: $150 (must reserve space in advance)

Price does not include the range fees, firearms rental, ammo and targets. 

CLASS DURATION: 8 Hours (depending on class size

Range portion is about 1 hour (Range at different location)

You must be 21 years of age or older and be legally in the US to take this class and handle firearms! (No exceptions!)


The conceal carry class was very thorough. I now feel a lot more confident with buying and owning a firearm to protect myself and my family!

John G.

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